5th Army Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Worn from: 2 April 1943 - Current. 
The first Fifth Army design was abandoned at the request of 
Commanding General Mark Clark who wanted a patch that was more 
representative of the area in which the Fifth was formed. 
The second design is an outlined figure of a mosque, representative
of Morocco, North Africa, where the army was activated in January 1943.
The letter "A" indicates army. From Operation Avalanche -- the invasion
of Italy at the Gulf of Salerno -- to its final push across the Po Valley,
the Fifth Army engaged in 604 continuous days of combat.

                                                                                            Department of the Army

                                                                                                Staff Support patch



                               U.S. Army Air Corps patch

Service Stripes were worn on the lower right sleeve.   One straight stripe was awarded for each 6 months of service overseas.  It was not necessary to serve in combat to receive these stripes. (

U.S. Army Air Corps Staff Sergeant Chevron Sleeve patch